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Dave has many years and great experience with Porsche trimming.

Porsche Forums Australia:
Recent work on a “hot rod outlaw’ Porsche! Click to View & Enjoy.

Porsche 917 race trim
Porsche SC Targa Roof new trim

Porsche Upholstery and Trimming

Although classic and sports cars of all makes find their way into my shed. Porsche’s in particular keep appearing on a regular basis to undergo upholstery and trimming services.

Prior to starting my Car Cover business in a small factory in 1989 at Bayswater Vic, I started working on 356 Porsche vehicles with Andrew Keiller at FibreFab Australia (now closed). Andrew has gone on to build the most beautiful Porsche 917’s you will find. I still do the custom Porsche upholstery for Andrew and two of his son’s. The younger son Tim, now creates Porsche 906’s to perfection.

Soon after completing a number of 356’s we started upholstery trimming on Porsche 911’s and other Porsche models for people like John Gregory from Spyder Automobiles which is now run by Mike Jacobson with whom we still collaborate.

Whilst it is gratifying to win trophies at car shows, it is the repeat work and the friendships that form from them that keep me focused. I realised early on that one can’t effectively advertise for this upholstery work compared to the word of mouth that spreads out. As time passes, now I find myself trimming more and more Porsche vehicles.

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